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Cloud Computing Security

Virtual Cloud Hosting is available with Linux or Windows hosting server OS, offering secured and reliable low cost solutions to cloud computing clients, round the globe. With virtualization every business can afford cloud computing in India without fearing about the cost and quality of services.

Security in Cloud Computing is a much hyped topic in recent days. With increased use of cloud based services, clients are growing skeptic about the security issues, but they must realize that not every hosting is 100% secure and every services has some or the other loopholes to patch up later. Overall security measures with cloud computing servers are almost equal as the regular webhosting servers.

Security in Cloud Computing

Security in cloud Computing is a very important issue and cloud computing takes ample care to maintain the security for every website they cater to. On a closer look you canít distinguish between the security measures maintained for regular and cloud computing servers, because at the data center both of these servers are kept within the same premises with equal security measures.

Most of the software applications interact with end users through the internet. Common web security vulnerabilities like cross site scripting, SQL injections, cross sites request forgeries are relevant to applications that run over clouds, because they have to run applications on conventional hosting.

Cloud Computing SecurityPhysical security is again a thing of concern when you consider cloud computing servers. Cloud computing and regular servers are not distinguishable either externally or internally within a data center having large numbers of servers. For both the cloud computing and regular servers it is essential that the data center physically safeguards itself from natural calamities as well as unauthorized intrusion, to protect all the servers housed within it. There are certainly no special measures taken to physically secure the datacenter just because the data center is housing cloud computing servers.

Letís move to the next section of cloud computing security aspects, where we cover computer and network security of servers. Computer and network security majorly involves confidentiality, availability and integrity.

In case of availability the cloud based infrastructure manages to have had the toughest and highly publicized challenges till date.

Reducing Cloud Computing Availability Issues;

You can either accept the risk or minimize the impact of the risk over your cloud computing servers to maintain security.

For round the clock availability you can attempt to use multiple cloud computing service providersí services, both public and private clouds to increase the redundancy.

With some cloud computing services you can get services divided in to multiple segments, in accordance to the infrastructure in multiple regions.

Tapping cloud computing data losses;

Occasional down time or service interruption is permissible but unrecoverable data loss is no way possible, to keep a business run on its full pace.

Even if most of the cloud computing service providers maintain security in cloud computing, by distributed and replicated file systems that stand against hardware failures. There is definitely the need to maintain traditional data backup, irrespective of the kind of server used.

Always insist on signing up a cloud computing service provider who offers backup data from the cloud and not to the cloud. It assures you that no matter what happens, your updated business data remains with you.

Cloud computing can easily be sheltered behind a firewall, so that the services stay protected from unwanted attacks over the internet.

Running a virtualized software in cloud computing threatens the security aspects.

Cloud computing services basically are outsourced and hence partnering with trustworthy service providers can definitely keep your business intact in the worst conditions.

Even if you are not running your business you rely on the trustworthiness of the service provider; like

Hardware vendors, service providers, data sources, software vendors and network service providers you need every name to be a well known and reputed brand that catered thousands of businesses from a longtime.

Location of cloud servers, employees of the provider and the providerís transparency are things one must make sure to know before buying cloud computing for their business, else everything will definitely go to the drain and leave them penniless within no time.